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Solo project by Kohhan Ohtake (the water attribute). 

His music is weird instrumental which is blended Extremely effective guitars, programming and sampler into the atmosphere and mood of the day.

As a super open-minded and omnivorous true-born eastern Tokyoite, he merges a variety of musical extracts from massive amount of retro games to cutting-edge art scene.

In Feb., 2017, he released his 1st solo material [VORTEX], its cassette tape version was also launched from "ichi ichi" label in Germany.


In April 2018, he started releasing new series of work called "Runner Variations" for running and indoor repetitive training. He gives more than a psychedelic thought to stoic and endless movement with no finish line insight.


Mid of 2018, he was finding joy in producing a pencil with music work named "KESHI GOMU" (meaning an eraser). He took the KESHI GOMU on last tour.

Currently, he is more focusing on the guitar and random things like drawing your face with noise!!.

Funny work started.

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